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Life & Independence Skills

Our young person's life skills development programme aims to equip young people with the cookery skills that will allow them to lead healthier and more integrated and independent lives. 

Participants will learn how to prepare low-cost, healthy meals from scratch alone and as a group, in an inclusive and relaxed environment.

Who’s this for?

This programme is designed for at-risk young people and takes a holistic approach to tackling food poverty, obesity, mental health, inequality and social exclusion. 

Programme structure:

Participants will spend 2 hours every second week across six weeks in our community kitchen learning or taking part in the following:

  • Kitchen hygiene, familiarisation with utensils, ovens, hobs

  • Food and mood, the relationship between healthy eating and mental and physical wellbeing

  • Creative cookery on a budget

  • Batch and one-pot cookery

  • Teamwork and collaboration


If you have any questions or would like to know how to prepare for your first class at the Kitchen, take a read over our FAQs.

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